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Vascular Lesion Removal in Alexandria, VA

Vascular lesions, such as spider veins, hemangiomas, and other ectatic vessels, are natural skin blemishes that commonly form on the face and legs. Although harmless, many clients wish to remove their vascular lesions for cosmetic reasons and to maintain a clear, youthful complexion. Vanish Laser Clinic offers the best fastest, safest solution for removing unsightly vascular lesions throughout Alexandria.

How Vascular Lesion Removal Works

During a laser treatment, our Astanza MeDioStar diode laser emits light energy onto the undesired vessel. The energy is absorbed by the hemoglobin of the blood, causing the vessel to warm up significantly, coagulate, and close up. It should be noted that while the blood absorbs the light energy, the water in the surrounding skin does not, ensuring optimal damage to the unwanted vascular lesion and protection of the surrounding skin.

Treatments are very quick and require no downtime. Most clients see significant results after one treatment, while others require 2 or 3 treatments depending on the size of the vessel.

Clients may experience temporary redness and swelling immediately after treatment. Over the weeks following treatment, a small bruise may form. However, this will will heal naturally and reveal flawless skin.

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