Tips on Maintaining Your Tattoo

Getting a tattoo can be a fun and memorable experience, but the process of maintaining your tattoo continues long after it’s healed. Immediately after receiving your tattoo, it is wrapped in plastic and you will receive information on how to take care of the area, to keep it free from dirt and bacteria. The aftercare is usually the same for all tattoos but depending on the colors used, you may need additional care, so it’s good to double check during or before the first phase of the healing process.

General instructions for all tattoos include regular and meticulous cleansing of the area, as this is crucial to the healing process. Your tattoo artist will advise you of the specific steps to take to accomplish this. You should never allow the area to get wet and conversely, you can’t allow it to get too dry either, as it may cause damage. Limit exposure of your tattoo to the sun’s harmful rays as this may cause premature aging, which will damage the design. Tanning beds have the same effect. If you must be in direct sunlight for any period of time, be sure to cover your tattoo with clothing or by some other means, to minimize exposure.

As mentioned previously, tattoos with color require a little more care and attention. Color tattoos differ from black ink tattoos in many ways. They take more time, cost more, are much more painful, and harder to remove, so you should factor these differences into your choice before making a decision. The process of a color tattoo requires layers of color, which are added on top of each other, as well as the black outlines. If you decide to invest in a color tattoo, there are additional measures to be taken to keep the colors bright and sharp. The simplest way to keep your colors fresh is to keep the tattooed skin moisturized at all times with lotions and ointments. Be careful not to drench the area; a light layer is adequate. Your tattoo artist should be able to recommend types or brands. In the event your tattoo is fading, you can try exfoliating gel to get rid of the dead skin or a touch up from your tattoo artist.

A new tattoo method that’s not very popular with tattoo artists is using white ink for tattoos. There are more cons than pros to this method, and since it’s so new, artists don’t know how the tattoos will age. White ink seems to be more suitable for darker skin because any changes in color are less noticeable. Most times you won’t know if the finished product will look the way you envision, and when you come to that realization, it’s too late to fix it. The choice of design is especially important with white tattoos, because the design is dependent upon shadows created by the elevated part of the skin, so it makes it easier to judge aging and its effects. These tattoos will need even more care and attention, as infection can cause the white ink to turn grey or green, and it won’t heal properly. In addition, white ink is very hard to touch-up. If removal becomes necessary, you can check Wisconsin Tattoo Removal. Be sure to do your research in all areas if you decide to get a white tattoo.

Removing Your Tattoo

In the event you decide to remove your tattoo in Alexandria, VA, you can visit Vanish Laser Clinic. Darker pigments such as black and blue are easier to remove than tattoos inked with yellow or fluorescent colors. The techniques have become more advanced though, so the only difference between the black ink versus color tattoos is the number of treatments, so more treatments are necessary for color tattoos.