Things You Didn’t Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

It is Easier to Remove Amateur Tattoos

Amateur tattoos are ones that are applied superficially. They also require less ink. Professional tattoos are applied with a tattoo machine and require more ink. The ink penetrates the dermis. It is easier to perform laser tattoo removal on amateur tattoos.

Your Body Removes the Ink

Lasers make it easy to remove tattoos. However, the laser is not the one that is doing most of the work. The laser will break down the pigment so that it can be removed via your lymphatic system. This is a natural process.

Tattoo Removal can Make the Patient Gassy

This is not the same as flatulence. A white substance will temporarily develop on the tattoo. It looks a lot like ice. This gas forms because steam is being released from the skin.

You will not get Burned

A laser will have to heat the surface in order to break down the pigmentation. However, the laser does not harm the skin. It will only target the ink in the skin. The laser will focus on the pigmentation for a few seconds. The laser does not burn or harm the skin in any way.

There are Ways to Control the Pain

You may experience some pain during laser tattoo removal. However, it can be controlled via cooling. The specialists at Vanish Laser Clinic can use a medical-grade cooler on the area with the tattoo. This will cool the surface, which will greatly reduce the pain.

The Color Matters

Black tattoos are the easiest ones to remove. It can take longer to remove other colors.

Smoking Slows Down the Healing Process

Smoking causes the blood vessels to constrict. This makes it harder to remove tattoos.