The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift? Tattoo Removal

Are you living with tattoo regret? Do you have a tattoo with the name of an ex surrounded by a big heart or some other figure showing your love and devotion to an ex on your body that brings you constant regret?

You may have heard of what is commonly called a “relationship jinx.” This refers to getting a tattoo for a significant other and then watching the relationship completely fall apart. Some cross that fine line in a relationship where devotion and love shown by a tattoo is seen as being controlling and obsessive. There is no doubt that the phrase “think before you ink” is especially important when it comes to tattoos designed to memorialize a romantic relationship.

Regret often sinks in the when tattoos designed to show devotion and love become sloppy leftovers that are a constant reminder of a failed relationship. Just think of Kat Von D. She said she would never remove the tattoo of her ex. However, Jesse James is now the face of, “Never say never.” It’s quite likely that her current or future love interests will not love her tattoo either.

Stories like this are told every day in clinics where tattoo removal is performed. It is especially true around Valentine’s Day when people are looking to get rid of signs of old relationships.

Few people think about the consequences that they could eventually face when getting the name or image of a love interest tattooed on their body. They think they are professing their undying love by having their girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s name tattooed on their body to have it with them for all eternity. Thankfully, it is possible for people to dump those unwanted tattoos. A person could take this step on their own in order to say goodbye to tattoo regret. Tattoo removal sessions could even be gifted to a friend or love interest.

The best way for a person to “get their ex off their back” is with later tattoo removal. The process is easy, requiring just a couple of treatment sessions. After a person has followed the recommended number of laser removal sessions, their skin is likely to look like it did before it was marred with the name of an old love interest.

Thanks to modern science and advances in medicine, there’s no reason for a person to live with tattoo regrets and remnants of an ex on their body. If an ex is out of the person’s life, the tattoo should be as well. You can give the gift of tattoo removal to your current love interest in order to help them be free of an ex they would love to forget about.

Here are a few better romantic ideas provided by Vanish Laser Clinic that you can give your current love interest along with a tattoo removal package.

1. A great way to enjoy a trial run is with henna. It will make a statement, but you will not be locked into something that is permanent and needs laser treatment to remove. Henna will fade on its own. If a couple decides to stay together, they can go ahead and get the real thing, a tattoo, after a few years.

3. Fake tattoos are a great way for a person to demonstrate their love. If the relationship ends eventually, there’s no lasting harm done.

3. Use words to profess your love. Or perhaps think out a big romantic gesture that will impress your significant other.

You can pave the way for future relationships by learning more about laser tattoo removal. You can also give the gift of tattoo removal. Don’t wait a minute longer to get rid of that tattoo regret.