Tattoo Removal Permanence

Tattoo Permanence Is So Much In The Past

In the past, the idea of getting a tattoo brought with it a sense of permanence. A person would put symbols, numbers, words, and a variety of other markings on their body in order to have it with them forever. Things have definitely changed. Because of technological advances, tattoos can now be removed with a variety of simple procedures.

The majority of the procedures that are used are simple, not necessarily painless. They really show what the future holds as far as the permanence of a tattoo. A few of the methods that are currently used include lasers, excision, dermabrasion, cryosurgery, salabrasion, and TCA. Out of all of these methods, laser tattoo removal in Alexandria Virginia is by far the most popular. It is popular because it is the least painful option and usually produces the best results.

Individuals who have gone through laser tattoo removal treatments usually are left feeling pretty impressed with the results. After each treatment session, they notice that their tattoo becomes lighter and lighter. This leaves their skin looking better and more rejuvenated. The tattoo is able to get lighter after each treatment session because of the way the laser breaks up the pigment in the ink. The body slowly removes the ink particles, which leaves a person feeling more and more satisfied with the way their tattoo is fading away.

Because of the marvel of laser tattoo removal, many no longer have to suffer in silence feeling regretful over a tattoo they got when they were younger. Or perhaps they got the tattoo because of pure pressure or while under the influence of alcohol. It is common for people to live with tattoo regret because they had a symbol, name, or something else tattooed on their body to remind them of a special someone in their life. When the relationship turns sour, they have to live with the constant reminder of that individual on their body. Thankfully, all of these things can be easily dealt with thanks to various tattoo removal options.

There are a variety of lasers that can be used that make getting rid of an unwanted tattoo quick and easy. For example, the Astanza laser is extremely powerful and can break apart ink particles in tattoos that other lasers simply could not. There is also the Duality laser that has the ability to produce one joule pulse of 1064 NM energy. This is especially effective when removing tattoos that contain dark color ink.

While the machines used for laser tattoo removal go a long way in helping to get rid of an unwanted tattoo, the laser that is used is not the only factor that plays a role. Other things that will help a tattoo to fade quickly include an individual living a healthy lifestyle and being a non-smoker. If a person has a good immune system, eats a healthy diet, exercise regularly, is well hydrated, and gets enough sleep, their body will more quickly remove the ink particles.

It is good to keep in mind that laser treatments will produce some pain. Most clients would say that there is some discomfort involved, but it is tolerable. Some have compared it to what it is like to have hot oil on your skin. It is possible to use some type of anesthetic to make the treatment more comfortable.

Many who have been able to put tattoo regret in the past feel like the methods used for tattoo removal are a gift to mankind. You can choose to live your life free of unwanted tattoos as well. You can make what was supposed to be something permanent a thing of the past!