After Care Tips from Virginia Laser Tattoo Removal

Taking Care of Tattoo Removal Sites

If you have a tattoo, you might find that it is no longer relevant to your life. You may have gotten a tattoo on a whim and later discovered you didn’t like it. You may have hired a tattoo artist who botched the design. Or, you may simply be in a different place in your life and no longer want a reminder of the events surrounding your tattoo. With new laser tattoo removal technology being used by an Vanish Laser Clinic, it is now possible and even simple to have a tattoo removed, for whatever reason.

Taking Care of Tattoo Removal Sites

In some cases, your skin may develop blisters after your tattoo removal session. Taking care of the blistering after your tattoo removal is extremely important. Without proper care, your blisters could become infected. Left untreated, such infections can become severe; this leads to increased pain and scarring. In order to ensure proper healing, follow these steps:

  • Use a cold cloth to cool the tattoo removal site. You can also take a Tylenol. These two combined will lessen the pain and inflammation of your skin.
  • Keep an antibiotic-type ointment on hand to cover the blisters.
  • Lightly cover the site with gauze after applying the ointment.
  • Keep the blistered spots clean and pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Never pop blisters. It causes more pain and increases the risk of infection.
  • Wear sunblock of at least SPF 25 anytime you are outdoors.

The professionals at Vanish Laser Tattoo Removal in Alexandria, Virginia will supply you with detailed instructions following your procedure. If you are careful to follow all of their directions and take the utmost care with your site, it won’t be long before your tattoo is nothing more than a memory.