Summer and Laser Tattoo Removal

Now that the weather is warming up, you are probably spending more and more time outdoors. There is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to soak up the sun when the weather is nice, but if you’re going through the process of tattoo removal, you’ll want to be cautious. This does not mean that you should not spend time in the sun if you want to remove your tattoos, but you should proceed with caution when doing so.

First of all, you should know that sun exposure can actually be beneficial for the tattoo removal process. Immediately after a laser treatment, you will probably want to stay out of the sun until you have healed. Once you have fully healed from your laser treatment, however, you can step outside into the sun. When doing so, however, it’s a good idea to apply a good sunscreen to the area that has been treated.

Believe it or not, sun exposure can actually help your tattoo ink to fade, and it can also help promote healthy skin growth. If you have experienced temporary hypopigmentation because of your treatments, sun exposure can help with this as well.

However, even though some controlled sun exposure can be a good thing, it’s important not to be in the sun too much while undergoing tattoo removal. If you get a sunburn, you should know that laser treatments cannot be done until the sunburn has faded. Even if you don’t burn, if you have too much of a tan, the laser will not be as effective. This is because the laser will be attracted to the skin color as a whole, since it’s attracted to pigmentation, rather than the actual tattoo.

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with getting out into the sun when you’re undergoing tattoo removal. However, for best results, make sure that you keep your sun exposure under control. Then, you can enjoy the summer sun while ensuring that your tattoo removal treatments are as successful as possible.

Getting Started with Tattoo Removal in Alexandria

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