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How does the Astanza MeDioStar compare to other hair removal systems in market?

Vanish Laser Clinic is pleased to offer laser hair removal and vascular lesion removal using the market’s fastest, safest, and most powerful diode laser. The Astanza MeDioStar is a one-of-a-kind diode laser that produces a unique wavelength combination of 810 and 940 nm for optimal melanin and hemoglobin absorption.

The MeDioStar is trusted by leading aesthetic practices around the world and is one of the fastest diode lasers on the market. Maximum power combined with the shortest pulses, maximum speed and safety for all skin types (even newly tanned skin), a unique mix of wavelengths for superior results, and 360o contact cooling for absolute safety and the most comfortable patient experience are just a few of its most notable features.

Our MeDioStar laser has three full-power handpieces for various body parts and treatments, such as laser hair removal, pigmented lesion removal, and acne treatment. Among all laser hair removal devices, our Monolith XL handpiece has the largest spot size. With a surface area of 10 cm2, our XL handpiece provides the quickest hair removal treatments for large areas such as the legs, arms, back, and chest. Large areas like these can take up to 15 minutes to treat. Our XL handpiece at Vanish Laser Clinic can treat a full back in as little as 5 minutes. Our Monolith M handpiece has a 1.5 cm2 spot size, which allows us to treat smaller areas more precisely.

Finally, our MeDioStar laser has a vascular handpiece designed specifically for the treatment of unwanted vascular lesions such as spider veins, hemangiomas, and other vessels. The 940 nm wavelength of our vascular handpiece allows for optimal hemoglobin absorption for selective and efficient treatment.

Call Vanish Laser Clinic today to be treated with our cutting-edge Astanza MeDioStar laser for the best hair removal, vascular lesion removal, acne treatment, and pigmented lesion results in Alexandria, VA!

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There’s good and then there’s better. Compare our technology with other hair removal systems in the market today!