How long does a tattoo removal session take?

How long does a Tattoo Removal Session Take?

We get asked this question many times and the good news is that a tattoo removal session takes a fraction of the time than when you got your tattoo in the first place. Just imagine sitting in the chair for hours getting a tattoo, now imagine your tattoo removal taking just a few seconds or minutes per treatment!

Thanks to the latest laser technologies, including the Astanza Duality system used by Vanish Laser Tattoo Removal in Alexandria, you are receiving the most effective treatment in the market today. Our laser can treat a one-inch square area in less than 10 seconds of laser time. A two-inch square tattoo can take approximately 30 seconds of laser time and even a large tattoo can take just a few minutes.  This time pares in comparison on how long you had to wait to get your tattoo.

Best of all, the process of removing a tattoo is much less painful than getting one. We use the Zimmer Cryo cooling machine that numbs the area in which the laser targets. We also provide an optional numbing cream to add further comfort to particularly sensitive areas.

Most individuals who want their tattoos removed will schedule multiple sessions with our clinic. Each session lasts just minutes and the time between sessions allows the laser to break the ink within the tattoo. You can expect noticeable fading of your tattoo after each session.

So relax, at Vanish Laser Clinic in Alexandria, you are in good hands. Not only do we use the best equipment in the market, you can rest assured that the process will pass quickly and with minimal discomfort.  So go ahead and book your free consultation today and let us make your tattoo vanish for good!