A Complete Guide To The Time Necessary For Tattoo Removal

A Complete Guide To The Time Necessary For Tattoo Removal

The best way to remove a tattoo in Alexandria, Virginia is with laser tattoo removal. Although a lot less time is necessary to remove a tattoo than to get a tattoo, the length of time necessary depends on the specifics of each tattoo. Some sessions only last for a few seconds. If the tattoo is extremely large, the removal can take as long as an hour. The actual length of time required to remove a tattoo has been defined by the professionals at Vanish Laser Clinic. This information is outlined below.

The Pain Tolerance

The main priority of laser tattoo removal is ensuring the comfort of the individual during the session. This will be a factor in the length of time necessary to remove your tattoo. If your tolerance for pain is good, your session will be shorter. If your pain tolerance is not as good, your tattoo removal can be as slow or as fast as you need. You will never be rushed through your session if this is not what you want.

The Location

The location of your tattoo will be a factor in your pain level. This will influence the length of your session. If your tattoo was painful when you received it, the removal process will be painful as well. If your tattoo is smaller, the treatment can be stopped and started according to your tolerance. A large tattoo may require multiple sessions. Both during and after your laser treatment, cold air is blown onto your tattoo to help decrease the pain.

The Size

A larger tattoo contains more ink. This means more time is required for removal. The approximate time necessary for removal according to the size of your tattoo is defined below. You need to set aside additional time before and after your session to cool down the area. Topical cream and dressing are applied at the conclusion of your session.

  • Extra Small: One second to two minutes
  • Small: Two to five minutes
  • Medium: Ten to fifteen minutes
  • Large: Twenty to forty minutes
  • Extra-Large: Forty to sixty minutes

When a large or extra-large tattoo is treated, the tattoo must often be divided into more manageable sizes. This requires multiple sessions. This is due to your pain tolerance and minimizing the trauma your body is able to handle. Your body also needs time to metabolize the ink without being overwhelmed. A half-sleeve tattoo usually requires two or three sessions. A full sleeve three or four treatments and a full-back will require six treatments.

The Type of Tattoo

The style of your tattoo is an important factor in the length of your treatment. Thick or very dark tattoos like a tribal design have a lot more ink. This requires more time than delicate and smaller line work. This type of tattoo needs more time for recovery so a smaller area is best. Light tattoos will fade much faster than a dark, thick tattoo with much more ink.

The Tattoo Colors

A plain black tattoo does not have multiple colors so the treatment will be shorter. If your tattoo has blacks in addition to greens, blues and reds, the laser settings will need to be changed for each color. Specific colors must be treated with different wavelengths. Changing the wavelengths will require more time.

All of this means the length of your laser tattoo removal treatment is dependent on the type of tattoo, the colors, location and size. If you are interested in determining a more accurate length of time to remove your tattoo, please schedule your no-obligation consultation.