6 Different Factors that Can Affect the Removal of Tattoos

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6 Different Factors that Can Affect the Removal of Tattoos

Tattoos are more common today than they have ever been, which is why tattoo removal is quite popular. When it comes to removing a tattoo, you have options, and one of the most widely used method is laser tattoo removal. As you probably know, a lot of people get tattoos at the spur of the moment and later regret the decision.

Sometimes people get tattooed during a weekend away with friends, or when out on the town at a young age. Regardless of why you got a tattoo, and why you want to remove it, there are factors that can affect the removal process. Let’s review 6 different factors that can affect laser tattoo removal.

1. Age of Your Tattoo

How long you’ve had the tattoo will play a significant role in the ability to fade or eliminate the ink. The longer you have had the tattoo, the easier it will be to get rid of it. This is because older tattoos have color that’s far less saturated, which makes the removal process easier. This means getting rid of a tattoo that you just got last month will be much more difficult than getting rid of one that you’ve had for years.

2. Tattoo Placement

There are certain parts of the body that make tattoo removal a lot easier. This includes your face, neck and back (upper and lower). It’s because these areas have larger lymph node and blood counts, which means there is a faster response to laser treatment. On the flip side, there are other areas of your body that don’t respond well to laser treatment, and often require additional sessions to eliminate a tattoo. This includes your hands, legs and feet.

3. Your Immune System

Without a doubt, the health of your immune system will be a significant factor in the tattoo removal process. This is because your body naturally breaks down ink particles subjected to laser treatment. There are many factors that determine the health of your immune system – some of them minor and others major.

Everyday functions like drinking water can affect your immune system. Similarly, an activity like working out can affect your immune system, partially because your metabolism will play a role in the breakdown of your tattoo. This is actually an area of tattoo removal that you can support by drinking enough water to stay hydrated; the purpose is to help breakdown and move the particles.

4. Color of the Ink

You might be surprised to find out that black ink is easier than other colors to remove. While you might think it’s more difficult because it’s darker, that’s just not the case. In fact, colors like white, green, blue, yellow and red are notoriously difficult to remove. Fortunately, technology has advanced in recent years that can make it a little easier to remove ink of any color.

5. Artist Qualifications

It might be tempting to get a tattoo from a friend or acquaintance that isn’t really qualified. Unfortunately, it could be a problem down the road if you want to get rid of the tattoo. The reason is because experienced tattoo artists understand what’s required to ensure there is no scarring. Individuals who don’t have enough experience with tattooing are more likely to leave scars, which means the ink is under your skin and harder to remove.

6. Type of Laser

There are different kinds of lasers used to remove tattoos. Some lasers are more effective at eliminating ink than others because they have the right amount of speed and power to break down the ink.

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